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Editorially and Creatively Independent Imprints

The Speedy Publishing Group is home to over thirty (30) imprints that cover a wide range of genres, publishing content in different formats, print (paperback and hardcover), eBooks and audiobooks. Each imprint has its own editorial, art, production, marketing, and sales departments.

Our K-12 publishing team creates content that is curriculum focused. Biographies, social studies, physical science, life science, earth and space science, mathematics and the language arts are the topics that are covered.

Our adult publishing department publishes adult fiction, activity books and workbooks, self-help, cooking, diet and nutrition, adult romance, erotica and LGBT titles.

Utility books are also created for both the K-12 market and Adult markets. Blank books, notebooks, logbooks, planners (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly) and composition books are just a part of the catalog that we publish.

Biographies for Children & Young Adults

Dissected Lives
Truth if You Dare

K-12 Curriculum Focused Content

Baby Professor
Pets Unchained
Professor Beaver
Universal Politics
Tech Tron
Biz Hub

K-12 Activity Books & Workbooks

Jupiter Kids
Speedy Kids
Activity Crusades
Coloring Bandit

Utility Books for Adults & Children

Journals and Notebooks

Adult Activity Workbooks

Coloring Therapists
Puzzle Therapist
Puzzle Crazy

Adult Non-Fiction (including self help, cooking, religion, sports and comic books)

Speedy Publishing Books
Cooking Genius
One True Faith
Weight A Bit
Comic Stand
Eye on Sports

Adult Fiction (including Mystery,Sci-Fi, Horror etc.)

Mystery Kings
Indie Streets
Devils Diner
Dangle Me

Adult Romance (including Romance,Erotica and LGBTQ)

Third Cousins
Grab Arse
Love Blots
Gra Dom

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Non-Fiction Imprints

Dissected Lives (Auto Biographies) - These are anything having to do with the history of or life and times of important people; can include ordinary day to day individuals as well.

Overcoming (Self Help) - This collection has creative non-fiction (or factual) for improving upon or making oneself better which can be done in a variety of ways such as physically, mentally, psychologically, emotional, etc.

Truth If You Dare (True Stories) - These are true accounts of what happened in the day to day life of someone that has been documented in the form of a documentary, book or movie with new insights or updates.

Pets Unchained (Pets & Animals) - You’ll find useful content or advice for training or caring for different kinds of pet breeds. Also, factual information about animals that would be of interest to animal lovers of all sorts.

Cooking Genius (Cooking, Kitchen etc.) - Anything in relation to food preparation for any type of food or drinks including recipe ideas and tips that anyone can easily do at home in their own kitchen is included here.

Speedy Kids (Children’s Fiction) - You’ll find animation, illustration or picture books that tell a story for kids to enjoy looking at that stimulates their imagination and opens up a world of creativity on their part.

Baby Professor (Education Kids) – This is a collection of subjects that would be educational for kids to help them learn how to do something themselves or shows how something is done or how it came about.

Jupiter Kids (Children’s & Kids Fiction) - We have science fiction related, space adventure stories, time travel, baby star trek; something you may have seen on the kids Sci-fi channel that have been written about as fiction.

Weight A Bit (Health And Fitness) - These books relate to weight loss, exercise routines, dieting, fitness, staying in shape, workout programs, equipment that can be used for working out, physical improvement, etc.; motivation for physical fitness.

One True Faith (Religion & Spirituality) - There’s a variety of topics on religion, relating to God, spiritual up building, inspiration, etc.; helping someone to find that missing element in their life that they’ve been searching for.

Comic Stand (Comic & Graphic Books) - Our character based comic and graphic books are perfect for those that love series and spinoffs. The characters could be a super hero, villain or just an ordinary person.

Dot EDU (Educational & Textbooks) - You can obtain instructions for subject matters found in school books such as math, English, science, social studies, economics, etc. that can be read for educational purposes and as reference.

Biz Hub (Business & Investing) - Learn the best way to manage and invest money as well as other business interests such as global economics, employer and employment tips. Also the latest tactics that companies are employing in specific industries.

Tech Tron (Computers & Technology) - Learn how to use various software that supports specific hardware as well as information technology development, the latest gadgets, and what is on the horizon when it comes to cutting edge technology.

Universal Politics (Politics & Social Sciences) - Read about major news stories regarding a social topic or a world leader that has an impact on a local or global scale or subject matter that crosses political boundaries.

Speedy Publishing Books (General) - Find books that do not fit into a specific category or falls into “other”. This would apply to all genres and would be considered a generalized topic.

Adult Erotica

Gra Dom (Gaelic for Love Me – General Adult Erotica) - This collection is gratifying and centered around a love story designed to get you emotionally charged and “caught up”. They are written with graphic sex scenes and no beating around the bush explicit language.

Love Blots (Gay & Lesbian Erotica) - These books take you into a powerful sexual fantasy world of stories you’ve only imagined but are pleasantly surprised to see have come to life in the form of a sensual stories you can relate to.

Grab Arse (Erotica Shorts) – These are a collection of short stories on sexual fantasies designed to give you a “quick fix” depending on how far your mind will let you go, and are guaranteed to have you wanting to read the next one.

Adult Fiction

Mystery Kings (Mystery) – We offer a broad selection of both contemporary and classical style mysteries that appeals to everyone including detective, crime, murder, who-done-its, and even teen mysteries.

Yallow (Fiction Romance) - Our collection of romantic fiction or modern day fairy tales allows your mind to break away from your day to day routine and get caught up into a world of love.

Third Cousins (Fiction Romance) - This collection is on the border of erotica; but not quite. The excitement is there but without going far into explicit scenes to keep it categorized as a romance book.

Devils Diner (Horror) - Our horror collection takes you into a scary place that will have you at the edge of your seat and your heart intensely beating. No imagination is spared.

Dangle Me (Young Adult Romance) - This is our collection of modern day young adult romance stories that readers clearly relate to and find themselves wanting more of. We’ve found that adults enjoy these stories just as much.

Indie Streets (General Adult Fiction) - If you love a good “drama” adult fiction book, our collection encompasses a variety of stories that you can dive into and enjoy time and time again.

Fantasmia (Fantasy & Science Fiction) - Our collection allows your mind to run off into different places that you’ve never heard of before or seen. It’s the perfect way to “get lost” inside another world.

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