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Professor Beaver Books (K-12 Canadian Curriculum Focused)

Professor Beaver publishes high quality books for children for all ages, ranging from non-fiction educational books, picture based books and books specifically for the Canadian School Curriculum. Our books are created to entertain and educate children at the same time, focusing on interesting topics and blending those with essential learning goals for children from K-12.

Inspired by a deep love of teaching our in-house authors create the most uniquely crafted content that help children enjoy the learning process while they relate everyday activities to curriculum lesson plans designed by Canadian School Boards both federally and provincially. Professor Beaver - "Building Smarter and Brighter Minds"

Ancient China's Inventions, Technology and Engineering - Ancient History Book for Kids...

$6.99 $12.45

Leto's Hidden Twins: Artemis and Apollo - Mythology Book for Kids |Greek...

$6.99 $12.45

The Science and Inventions of the Islamic Golden Age - Religion and...

$6.99 $12.45

What's Inside the Forbidden City? Ancient History Book for Kids | Past...

$7.99 $12.23

The World's Most Useful Animals - Horses, Cows, Chickens and More -...


The Evolution of Humans According to Uncle Charles - Understanding Life Systems...

$7.99 $12.45

Mecca, Baghdad, Cordoba and More - The Major Cities of Islamic Rule...

$6.99 $12.45

United States Civics - Bill Of Rights for Kids | 1787 -...


Just Keep Swimming - Underwater Volcanoes, Trenches and Ridges - Geography for...

$6.99 $12.45

Umayyad, Abbasid and Ottoman Caliphates - Islamic Empire: Characteristics of Early Societies...

$6.99 $12.45

I Like To Move It! Physical Science Book for Kids - Newton's...

$9.99 $12.45
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