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Adult Romance Fiction Novels (Collection)

Speedy Publishing LLC has produced romance books set in different eras and themes. There is a love story that would appeal to your preferences.

Adult romance novels remind you of the power of love, and what it feels like to be in love. The characters may not always be heroic, but they are humans with real emotions.

By reading, you get to feel those emotions, so the stories hold a bit of authenticity.

In some cases, you will relate to the characters. You might question decisions made. You might end up wondering what would have happened if the decisions were different.

Without you realizing it, hours have passed and you’re nearing the end of the story. Do you like how it’s ended? Was it a happy ending? Would you have done it differently?

The wonders of romance are just a few clicks away!

Together Head and Heart - How it Started (Book 1) Coming of...


Love's Not Popular - Losing Cassie (Book 1) Contemporary Romance


Hellfire - What She Doesn't Know (Paranormal Romance Series) (Volume 1)


What A Girl Wants (Billionaire Romance) (Book 1) (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)...


The Bounty - The Cost (Book 1) Dystopian Romance


Heaven Falls - The Journey Begins (Book 1) Supernatural Romance


Taming a Maverick (Book 1) Alpha Billionaire Romance (Mile High Series) (Volume...


Twisted - On the Edge (Book 1) Coming Of Age Romance


Secrets Beyond Best Friends - Cherry Blossoms (Book 1) Contemporary Romance


Stardark - How Things Are (Book 1) Fallen Stars Series


Finding Faith - When a Good Girl Goes To War (Book 1)...


Complicated Lovers - The Wedding (Book 1)


Taming a Maverick (Book 3) Alpha Billionaire Romance (Mile High Series)


Taming a Maverick (Book 2) Alpha Billionaire Romance (Mile High Series)


Hellfire - How It Ends: Book 6 (Paranormal Romance Series) (Volume 6)...


Hellfire - When The War Begins: Book 5 (Paranormal Romance Series) (Volume...


Hellfire - What She Lost: Book 4 (Paranormal Romance Series) (Volume 4)...


Hellfire - What She Remembers: Book 3 (Paranormal Romance Series) (Volume 3)...


Hellfire - What She Feels Inside: (Book 2) (Paranormal Romance Series) (Volume...


What A Girl Decides (Billionaire Romance) (Book 6) (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)...


What A Girl Feels (Billionaire Romance) (Book 5) (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)...


How Long Does It Take - Week Six (Contemporary Romance)


Love's Not Popular - A New Start (Book 2) Contemporary Romance


What A Girl Knows (Billionaire Romance) (Book 3) ((An Alpha Billionaire Romance))...


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