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Science (Grade 3 - Grade 5 )

This collection of age and grade appropriate titles focus on curriculum centric topics targeting 3rd (Third) to 5th (Fifth) grade. Scientific investigations, where students are tasked to collect, analyze and interpret data is an important aspect of these lessons.

Students will garner a thorough understanding of the processes involved in scientific investigations.

Other titles target topics including

Physical science : This is the study of all non-living things encompassing chemistry, physics, some topics of astronomy, geology and other physics focused lessons.

Earth and Space Science : This is defined as any of the sciences that are focused on earth phenomena. Geology, meteorology and oceanography are included in this category. Studies that focus on the origin as well as the composition of the Earth are fundamental curriculum topics in this collection. Space science includes scientific disciplines that examine phenomena that occurs the earths upper atmosphere, outer space, or on celestial bodies in our solar system.

Life Science : These titles focus on all living organisms; their organization, the respective life processes, and the relationships between life forms and the requisite habitats and environments that these life forms exist and thrive in. Topics such as zoology, microbiology, ecology and botany make up this branch of science.

How Do Humans Breathe? Science Book Age 8 | Children's Biology Books


Who Lives In The Barren Desert? Nature for Kids | Children's Nature...

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