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MS Earth & Space Science Books (Grade 6 - Grade 8)

Earth science is defined as the study of the physical constitution of the planet earth along with and the atmosphere. Earth science combines geology, oceanography and meteorology. Astronomy is included in this branch of science and young geoscientists will find these titles very entertaining.

Learn how humans affect and interact the environment. How do we extract and use natural resources from the Earth? Differentiate between renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. Which energy source is better for Earth health? What are the positive and negative impacts of each energy source? More importantly, how do humans affect the environment and its ecosystems?

Lessons from this category will also include the Earth’s structure and history - mainly from the study of fossils. Study the properties of rocks and minerals and understand how they are unique to the Earth.

By understanding their properties, you will begin to learn how it is possible that the Earth can hold life while other plants can’t. Other lessons include weather and climate, the atmosphere and water.

End the discussion with an introduction to astronomy and the solar system.

What Happens During An Eclipse? Astronomy Book Best Sellers | Children's Astronomy...

$9.99 $12.22

The US Geography Book Grade 6: Deserts, Lakes, Rivers and Mountain Ranges...


The Eruption of Mount St. Helens - Volcano Book Age 12 |...

$9.99 $12.22

The Sky Is Awake! The Constellations - Astronomy for Beginners | Children's...

$9.99 $12.22

The Faces, Err Phases, of the Moon - Astronomy Book for Kids...


What is The Solar System? Astronomy Book for Kids | Children's Astronomy...

$9.99 $12.22

Astronomy for Kids | Earth, Space & Planets Quiz Book for Kids...

$9.99 $12.23

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