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How it Works:

Basically, it’s an online form where you just fill in the blanks and have it output in a press release format. (Yup we make it very simple!)

You should take this opportunity to join Speedy is because the distribution of the press releases are free. Nothing to download.

Notables about Press Releases:

Anyone who tells you to associate a press release with writing any kind of “ad” really has no business teaching you about press releases. - “Think of your press release as an ad for an interview.” Ummmm, no - You should not make your release a sales pitch.

When it comes to something like a press release, understand that it’s not a one-size fits all situation. You’ll need different lengths, different formats, and different styles depending on the type of press release and what you’re trying to convey.

What A Good Release Should Look Like:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Your Press Release Heading / Title Here (it should make the launch news clear)This is a short summary area where you’ll briefly (in a few sentences) describe your news. You’ll expand upon it in the book press release body.

If you distribute your book launch press release offline (via fax, mail, etc.), you can opt to use a sub-heading (usually one line) instead of a news release summary paragraph.

City, State - Date - This is the first body paragraph of your book launch press release. It should answer the questions of who, what, when, where, and why. Specific information that should appear hear in a book launch press release are the name of the book being launched, the company launching the book, when the launch will occur, and a brief introduction to the need the book fulfills (or the problem it solves).

A book launch press release can serve a few purposes. It can be used to try to drive direct sales by appealing to your target readers, and it can be used to get members of your niche media to request more information to feature or review the product.

Both of these audiences care about the “why” behind your book launch. Go into more detail in the body of your book press release about the problem or need behind creating the particular book (why did you make it?). These audiences care about two things: features and benefits. That’s what you should focus on. Keep any promotional language (or hype) out of any book press release you write (or any press releases at all for that matter).

It’s usually a good idea to include a quote from a review editor in a book launch press release. Do not try to include any kind of book review by someone thats not a notable reviewer. (Companies like Publishers Weekly & Kirkus are ideal here)!
Your final paragraph should sum up any additional book details (Where will the book be available? How much will it cost? the different formats its available in - AND THE ISBN? etc.).

About the Author / Company That's Putting Out The Press Release

This paragraph is called a boilerplate. Your book launch press release body should have thoroughly covered the book information itself. Your boilerplate will now serve as a short backgrounder on your company and the author (to give journalists additional background information on the people launching the book without them having to dig for it). You can mention things like a very short author bio and any other notable books the author has released. Contact information is also vital here for both the author and company putting out the release.

For more information about book NAME, please visit book / COMPANY WEBSITE or contact MEDIA CONTACTS’S NAME at PHONE NUMBER. (You can opt to include an email address here as well. This area of the press release is called a “call to action.”)

### (Use this symbol or -30- to signify the end of a press release. While the general rule is to keep a news release to one page, if it does go onto a second page, use -more- on the bottom of the first page).

If you have addenda included with the release (book cover, additional technical specs, etc.), you can mention that after your call to action and include them on separate pages.