One on One Consultations

consultIf you are thinking of self publishing your own book or you have decided that a work-from-home business is the path to financial freedom but you are confused and don’t know how, then this one on one consultation is perfect for you.

What if you want to become a print on demand (POD) publisher but the concepts about ISBN's, Pricing, Formatting and other issues are confusing and troublesome?

It is imperative that you speak with an expert about self publishing profitably.

In sixty minutes (60) minutes an expert will address all of your concerns and help you get your book from idea to published book.

Here are just some of the issues our experts will cover:

  • Analyzing your existing published book and the content (if you don't have a book published yet, we can discuss the ideas you have for a manuscript)
  • We can recommend how to profitably publish your book, including self publishing platforms.
  • We can provide accurate cost estimates for your print on demand distribution sales.

A Speedy self publishing consultation is essential to your success:

Discover how print on demand, eBook, Mobile App and Audiobook publishing can help you sell more books.

If you are an existing Speedy Publishing Member you get a 15% Rebate on all consultations with Speedy Lecturers.

We can show you how to save thousands of dollars before - you begin the self publishing process.

The cost for your self publishing consultation is $99 for a 60-minute consultation. While you can get a lot of free information on the web about self publishing the consultation is specific to your book.

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Professional insights provided by our consultants give authors the guidance they will need on almost every aspect of self-publishing. The business of publishing is not easily navigated and working with a consultant can result in what is called the light bulb moment.

Almost every successful author can attribute their success to some advice or training they got online – or from an expert through a medium similar to this. The help is usually provided by an agent. However with most self-publishers going the “solo” route there really Is NO need to approach an agent so early in the journey.

Use the knowledge that you gain from the one on one consultation to set your book up for success and start cranking out sales easily. Let our industry experts answer your most burning questions in a one-on-one consultation session and place you on the typically elusive path to success.

Consultations Cover These Topics As Well

  • Author coaching
  • Writing a book proposal
  • Drafting a business plan
  • Book development
  • Blogging consultations
  • Author Platform Consultations
  • Facebook Focus - using Facebook to build author brand
  • Email Marketing & Professional Communiques
  • Niche Research for Authors
  • Ghostwriting
  • Podcasting
  • Networking
  • Public speaking
  • Presentation skills