One Hour Translation Partnership

one_hour_translation_logo_0Speedy Publishing has partnered with One Hour Translation to give you immediate VIP Status with One Hour Translation. Just for being a Speedy Publishing member you will enjoy Better Translators Bidding On Your ProjectsFaster turnaround times for your projects.

The customer service team will ensure that you are given the utmost attention by phone or email. You have high priority on customer service and also high priority on allocating projects to our best translators.

This status is not easily ascertained - but as a Speedy Publisher you receive that badge immediately!

So how does One Hour Translation Work? - First  Sign Up With Speedy Publishing!

Next head over to One Hour Translation and open your account. Then look for the course on how to Become a One Hour Translation VIP Member and contact our dedicated representative over at One Hour Translation. Once you account has been upgraded you can then follow the simple process to get your books translated.

Then you choose the source language (the language your document is in) and then your target languages (the language you want your document translated to). This can be any number of words and there are native speakers and writers from over 75 languages.

You can then choose the price and time estimates – these are updated automatically according to the word count of the document.

If you require additional proofreading you can have a second professional translator, independent of the first, this is always important to spot any issues that may arise.

If your book manuscript or document is too long you can split the files into several projects so that several translators can work on it simultaneously.

As a Speedy Publishing VIP Member with One Hour Translation support will help you split a large file into several projects and provide expert assistance to ensure that you meet project deadlines.

Finally you make the submission and once the files are ready you get the content sent to your account - you login and download.

This service is perfect for self-publishing authors to make more royalties using translated books that can sell into other markets. Don’t hesitate, Join Speedy Publishing Today!