Niche Research Software

Being able to market your books successfully will mean the difference between ultimate success and failure in the self-publishing and indie author industry. The one problem that authors struggle with is the question “what to write”.

It is the seed that grows into writers block for so many authors. What ends up killing that author is if they end up writing about something that absolutely NO ONE wants to know about. That becomes as deal breaker as their book then gathers electronic dust both as an eBook and a Print on Demand (POD) Book.

It is essential that authors embrace niche research to be successful and Speedy Publishing has provided the #1 product absolutely free of charge to members who sign up for a Full 1 Year Membership. Here is how powerful eBook Niche Explorer is when research is being done on a topic or niche.


  • Titles, Authors and Prices of the Top 16 Books for the Amazon Search
  • Estimated Number of Sales of the Book
  • The Number of Reviews
  • And Ultimately – Whether this is a Good Niche or Not!


So how does the software work?

Its simple come up with a niche idea and research it using the software. It will then provide you with metrics that will tell you whether or not it’s a good topic to write about or not.

Here is why this software is awesome – but can be very misleading if not used with the proper training. Imagine the keyword term “yoga poses”. If you used the software to research the topic in November of 2015 – it would tell you it’s a super bad niche. However the truth is that yoga isn’t that popular in November. It’s super popular in January and February every year and sells tons of copies of any book or content on that niche.

This means that you might have missed that opportunity to sell hundreds of copies into the New Year if you did not get this right.

As a Speedy Publishing Member this software is absolutely free and you can access this in the download area in the members section of the website.