Mobile Apps for Android



Why should you turn your Book into an App, instead of having just a "plain" ebook? One great reason is that it protects your content without intrusive Digital Rights Management (DRM) preventing portability to other devices. Next your readers can be automatically updated with latest content, such as new chapters, new books in a series and other books you created.

Apps are completely self-contained there is no need for additional "viewer" software, every book App is native meaning it works on any device.

Along with more features you can toggle other functional elements on or off and most apps have a beautifully functional design that readers will love.

All Android Apps works flawlessly on all 1100 Android devices, phones and tablets, including Amazon Kindle Fire. It sports features such as amazing Text-to-speech, customizable search capabilities, automatic bookmarking that resumes when restarted, a much more intuitively organized navigation and responsiveness that scales perfectly across all screen sizes (landscape or portrait)

Embedding rich interactive content such as audio and video is a simple process. Whats more your Book App can support .rtf, .txt, and HTML5, an epub is ONLY html which has limitations.

You can sell your Book Apps in the Amazon App Marketplace, the Google Apps Market Place and Apple iApp Store. Let the Speedy Team turn your book into a Mobile App with great mobile app art.


What Each Package Contains

  • Your APK File of your Book
  • 1 Video Added to Your App
  • 1 Audio File Added
  • 4 Promotional Images For App Store Publication
  • A Best Practices Sheet on how to Promote Your Book App

 Here are a few examples of our Promo Images

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What a Speedy App Pack Can Do For Your App
Mobile App Stores are notoriously hard to dominate, it does not matter if it’s the Amazon App Store, Google Play Store or the Apple iStore – one of the biggest problems Book App creators will face is getting their book app discovered. Discoverability is one of the biggest issues facing self-publishers today. This is even harder if you’re in the mobile app space, it’s of the utmost importance that self-publishing authors understand the various methods for marketing your app. One very crucial concept that continues to be overlooked is – app store optimization (ASO).


One big plus with downloads for Apps is that you can get much more out of this by improving your ASO. A Speedy App Pack helps by marketing your brand and improves recognition, awareness, and appeal. The App Images help to enhance the app store description, other App images, influence ratings/reviews, and is important for your social media presence.