Jutoh Software


Why outsource manuscript formatting for your smaller projects when you can do it yourself by editing, formatting and publishing your eBook in multiple formats.


More importantly if you outsource – making minor changes can be catastrophic because you will then have to go back to the original creator of the eBook. With Jutoh you can make unlimited edits to your eBooks add new images, cover art and other features easily such as audio and video.

Get a professional look and feel for your eBooks by keeping your design and format the same as with your word processor, MS Word or Open Office file.

There is no need to edit your book to fit different platforms. Create your eBook once and it will work on ever mobile device and platform - Epub 2 and Epub 3, Mobipocket (Kindle), Open Document and plain text formats.

The truth is that Epub and Mobipocket cover most requirements for 90% of eBook retailers because Epub is the standard with the most support from eBook reader manufacturers and publishers. This includes Apple iBook Store, Google Play and Kobo. The Mobipocket is used Amazon's Kindle platform and Scribd.

Open Document Creation.
If you are looking to export your book to other retail platforms like Smashwords the software also creates OpenDocument (ODT) files, which you can open directly using Open Office or Libre Office to create PDF formats.

Create as many books as you like
Jutoh is FREE for members with a one year subscription. To protect your files nothing is kept 'cloud-based' all files are stored locally on your hard drive

The software is designed for editing eBooks, unlike simple converters or word documents the software has all the right tools to design and create eBooks with clean coding that will not result in bugs and silly quirks that eReaders might cause.

Cover Art is important in selling your book and the software has the ability to add a professionally designed cover optimized for eReaders. You can also choose a template that adds your title, author name and publisher - inserted into the design of the eBook.

Create Anthologies
The software allows you to import existing content so you can create anthologies and eBook bundles – this is perfect from HTML files to existing eBooks. Split up an eBook into sections, and keep styles from the original document or edit and change section headings.

Imported books create a unique CSS - while importing from DOCX and ODT, allows you to preserve existing styles.

Fully Compatible
The software is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and various other Unix-based systems. Port files from one machine to the next without losing formatting and style edits and creation.

EPUB Validation
Using Adobe's Epub Check the software will validate your files to ensure full compatibility with retailers like Apple, which is notoriously difficult to submit to.

The built in editor shows all validation errors and allows you to quickly edit the files to ensure compliance. This along with helpful tips to help you understand the errors.

Along with your One Year Speedy Publishing Membership you get our Book Templates built specifically for Jutoh absolutely free. With over 150 uniquely designed eBook Templates you can start by “adding content” and have a well formatted and well-designed eBook ready to be uploaded.

Our eBook templates are compatible with Microsoft Word 2003 to 2013, making us one of the most flexible in the market. Our Jutoh templates work both on PC and Mac versions of MS Word. The files must be saved as a .DOCX or .DOC file formats.

All you are required to do is to place your text into the template. All templates come with built-in styles to format your book and of course change your copyright information and other front matter considerations that specific to your title, this makes your job a whole lot easier. Using our templates and the Jutoh Software you can get your titles correctly formatted for:

  • Speedy Publishing Distribution
  • Create Space
  • Ingram Spark
  • Lulu
  • Lightning Source
  • Book Baby
  • Kindle (KDP)
  • Apple iBook Store
  • Nook
  • Smashwords

With our training you can create industry standard sizes that are properly paginated and fully compliant with major print on demand services.

What you need to use the Jutoh templates is the latest version of MS Word so you can apply your own formatting and styles. Simply use the copy and paste set up and you will be all set.