eBook Niche Reports

nicheyUnderstanding niche marketing is essential for successful self publishing. Timing your book launch and promotional campaigns must adhere to niche marketing strategies.

So lets define what niche publishing is:

Niche Publishing involves concentrating all your content creation and marketing efforts on a small but specific and well defined segment of of a market. For example, you might choose to write a book on stress management. One method of stress management is learning to relax. One method commonly used to relax the mind is Yoga. One type of Yoga is called Raja Yoga.

A niche publisher would focus on Raja Yoga as a topic to publish in and this would be their niche. BUT - is this a "good niche".

A good niche can be described as one that the information, training, and knowledge being sought by people that are interested in a niche are either being addressed poorly or not at all by other authors, writers and companies,

Hence if you provide useful, educational and informative content in this niche and market your content correctly as a strategy, then you can end up dominating that niche and instead of being a small fish in a big pond you end up being a big fish in a small pond and eventually become known as an expert author and writer in the space.

While this sounds great it has become increasingly difficult to find these niches for both fiction and non-fiction writing.

Speedy Publishing provides its members with two types of niche reports monthly and two other reports quarterly.

Here are the reports that we deliver monthly:

  • Niche Report on Non-Fiction Topics (Monthly)
  • Niche Report on Fiction (Adult, Young Adult & Children's) Topics (Monthly)
  • Niche Report on Activity, Utility and Reference Books (Quarterly)
  • Niche Report on Pamphlet and other Academic Books (Quarterly)

Niche Reports are free for all members with any subscription level monthly.

How Timing Is Everything In Self Publishing

When publishing it is super important to learn when your content is in demand. What do we mean? Well it’s quite simple. Let us assume that you are putting together your first cookbook on Barbeque recipes. However you want to launch that book.

When is the best time to launch it?
Well in the past most publishers would advise authors that at least 6 – 8 months before they anticipate demand for the genre is when it would be great to publish the book. This is true but the lead time needs to be much shorter. So not many are looking for a Barbecue recipe book in the winter, so publishing your book during this time and setting the book to go free strategically during the winter is an awesome strategy. You can then get your book to rank well on retailers like Amazon, then you can begin marketing during the summer months driving sales will be much easier when the demand is high for the content.

Does this only work with Non-Fiction?
The answer is a resounding NO. This strategy also works with fiction. If you compare how Hollywood releases movies then you can see just how this works. When horror movies are released the most? This will be critical to individuals that are writing in the paranormal niche. Having the knowledge of when to market and when not to market is essential to your success as a self-publisher.

How does Speedy Publishing Niche Reports Help?
Not only does Speedy provide the niches, we also provide the best time to market your books and with the training we also give you the best time to set your book for free to achieve the best ranking and to reach the most readers. Our niche reports are second to none in the industry and have helped our author publish successfully for the last 3 years.

Below is an example of one of our niche reports released in December 2014. You can get a few ideas from the report to help you get your non-fiction content writing started.