Zero Content Books

Zero Content Books

Zero Content Books

In this course you’re going to learn how to create books with repetitive and limited content. These books will be interactive books. They will be paperback only, but are generated electronically through print on demand through services such as Create Space and Lightening Source. These books provide a unique opportunity and a great marketing platform for your other books. These books are also in extremely high demand, and more importantly there is a cross over factor.

What You Are Going To Learn

  • What is a Zero Content Book?
  • The Most Important Strategy on How to Increase Your Royalties
  • How to Create Zero Content Books Easily
  • Where to Get the Templates That Can Put This Strategy on Steroids
  • The Crossover Factor for Amazon FBA & Seller Central

Dive into this course and become a Zero Content Books Expert!


  1. The secret to publishing Zero Content Books is to use premade templates to create your books. This is crucial to the success of the strategy. Download 400+Templates on this page.

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