Entrepreneurial Publishing

Entrepreneurial Publishing

Entrepreneurial Publishing

Entrepreneurial Publishing is the evolution of the self-publishing author to the next phase of profitable and systematic publishing. The ability to remain agile is critical for self-publishing authors to make that transition from “publishing in the dark” to ensuring success and having a largely successful catalog.

This course covers the right strategy and mindset that is required to launch and operate a profitable self-publishing business along with the best option of using Digital eBooks to dive sales and increase author awareness in an ever increasing indie publishing market.

What this course includes:

  • Introduction To Entrepreneurial Publishing
  • Understanding The Concepts of Entrepreneurial Publishing

Learn about entrepreneurial publishing


  1. Learn a bit about what Entrepreneurial Publishing really entails. Start with the fundamentals and then move into practical application of the business model that has created five figure royalty checks month over month for self publishing authors.

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