Speedy Pub Report

Speedy Pub Report

Speedy Pub Report

Speedy Publishing Report is a complete list of the 10 most powerful strategies and tactics that I use in my business today. They are the same strategies that I employed to an account I created a few weeks ago that is now making $500+ per week. These video lessons are so easy to understand and so easy to implement that a child could watch, understand, implement and start making money today!

Speedy Pub Report contains 10 Instant Action Video Lessons:

  • Video #1: Children's Book Explosion
  • Video #2: Amazon Email Strategy (This is not what you think!)
  • Video #3: Deep Discounts For Paperback Publishing
  • Video #4: Advanced Sales Pages
  • Video #5: GoodReads PPC & Giveaway Strategy
  • Video #6: Book Contests Extra Income
  • Video #7: Vook Your Book Apple Profits
  • Video #8: Operation Refresh
  • Video #9: Audible.Com Cash
  • Video #10: Offline And Online Marketing

This is not hype, exaggeration or a false claim; you can pick up Speedy Pub Report, watch it, Ten (15 Minute) Videos and read it, ten (10) PDF,s and start implementing these strategies. – These Videos and PDFs get you started in a matter of minutes.

This is step by step formula that goes straight to the point with information that you can use to take action immediately and is delivered in a user friendly easy to understand way.

Here is a look at some of the invaluable information you’ll learn from this Report:

  • How to use a little known strategy to create Children's books (one of the hottest market’s in Publishing today) and quadruple your earnings.
  • How to have Amazon.Com literally hand you their email list on autopilot.
  • How to have CreateSpace.Com double your earnings using deep discounts.
  • How to make your Amazon book sales page tell browsers to BUY NOW.
  • How to double your earnings in minutes with book contests.
  • How to publish on Amazon in KDP Select and on Apple at the same time.
  • Make your books stand out using a strategy that no one has picked up on yet.
  • How to maximize your profits using Audible.Com using a neat trick that none talking about.
  • How to laser target your Niche Research to have people buying your books in droves.
  • How to use GoodReads.Com to tap into an army of buyers and readers.

Use these strategies, our Speedy strategies and tactics are 100% scalable. You can rinse-and-repeat the process as many times as possible.


  1. Amazon has over 3 Million eBook readers and over 1 Million Prime Members. This lesson covers a little known strategy that allows you to leverage the power of Amazons unrivaled email marketing power.
  2. Getting visitors to your page is essential but getting them to buy is also a big part of the process. This lesson covers how to get customers to buy once they are on you Amazon page.
  3. Apple iBooks have the distinct advantage of being interactive, this lesson covers how to add video to your existing eBooks to create a new version of your title that is in demand on the Apple iBooks platform.
  4. Being able to give your titles a new face is essential to selling more of your titles. This means that you have the distinct advantage of getting to readers that want new and updated content. This lesson covers exactly how to achieve this.
  5. Audio books are a good way of adding additional revenue to your royalty checks each and every month. Don't wait until this market is saturated - this lesson covers how to get your books live on Audible.Com
  6. Marketing your Book does not only entail marketing online for e-commerce, but also driving sales offline. This lesson covers how self publishing authors can leverage both online and offline promotion.

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