Speedy Nuggets For Authors

Speedy Nuggets For Authors

Speedy Nuggets For Authors

Marketing, Content Creation, Book Cover Design, Distribution and Editing are what we call the "five elements" of publishing that need to be focused on to ensure that your self publishing business remains successful. While some elements are much more important than others having a good balance will almost guarantee success in the publishing world, especially from a Self Publishing Authors perspective.

Our Speedy Nuggets Course is designed to deliver bite-sized lessons weekly that help publishers to double down on those elements that they may not have a good handle on. Speedy Nuggets will always provide some form of Empirical evidence - which we believe helps authors prove out a concept is not just a concept and to be able to employ a strategy successfully to their own growing business.

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- Author Platforms with Mobile Marketing

- How to Double Your ROI on Facebook - Simple Strategies

- Using Facebook to Capture eBook Lovers


  1. Learn how to find out where to find your readers habits on social media. Learn when, what and where to post to engage hungry readers for books that you write. This is a simple step by step guide.
  2. In this nugget we examine how to create a small mobile app that you can use to build an author platform or marketing mailing list that you can send books to review, new titles, drive to social media and more importantly extract an audience from.
  3. Learn the secrets behind publishing educational and test books with this short course. Learn the reason why this presents a massive opportunity for self publishing authors to yield massive royalty checks in the short term. Find where to find qualified writers to create content that can sell thousands of copies each year.
  4. Learn the exact strategy we use to drive a massive number of sign ups using social media. This is something most authors and even savvy marketers don't using, being able to move engagement to actual leads for book discovery is critical.

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