Seasonal Publishing Strategies

Seasonal Publishing Strategies

Seasonal Publishing Strategies


Being able to profit from Seasonal Publishing is now an important concept. However Seasonal Publishing differs for Self Publishers versus large publishing companies that focus on sales to book stores and the sell through rate at these stores.

For a self-publisher that uses print on demand being able to create a title that is popular for any season, holiday, and annual event can result in exponential sales all year round for a number of titles.

This gives the self-publisher the security that royalty checks will remain steady all year long.

In this course we cover the strategies that help with seasonal publishing to ensure that you can keep sales buoyant throughout the year.

Lesson 1 - What Is Seasonal Publishing for Self Publishers

Lesson 2 - Which Events, Holidays, and Seasons to Target

Lesson 3 - How to Market Your Books without Spending A Dime


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