Researching Niches

Researching Niches

Researching Niches

Why is Niche Research Important? We can answer that question easily – with one almost rhetorical question. Are there people actually looking for a Barbeque recipe book in the middle of winter? The answer is a resounding NO. This is the basis of niche research.

As a writer of nonfiction and fiction books it is important to promote your niche relevant books when and where consumers want them. The research that you conduct will dovetail into your marketing strategy and will be the basis of your success.

Before you write the first word in your next book you need to conduct your niche research and devise your marketing strategy. Failing to do so might lead to your book lagging in sales regardless of how educational, informative or entertaining your content is.

This course covers extensively how to use Niche Research to almost guarantee sales and primarily how to use this research to give your book the best opportunity to be viewed and read by readers actively searching for content like yours.

What’s included in this course:

  • Getting Started
  • Finding Non Fiction Niches
  • Finding Fiction Niches
  • Finding Product Support Niches
  • Finding Interactive Niches
  • Finding Picture Book Niches
  • Expandable Niches
  • Content Enhancements
  • Data Driven Analysis
  • Raw Data Analysis

Become a niche research expert with this course!


  1. This lesson covers how self publishing authors can find fiction niches to create content in. This is the method we use to find niches in our own Niche Reports.
  2. Interactive niches are an excellent way to provide more options to your readers and is a great opportunity for indie publishers to get involved with a completely new genre.

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