Publishing Strategies

Publishing Strategies

Publishing Strategies

The most fundamental characteristic of a self-publisher is the ability to be agile. This really means that a self-publishing author can quickly change focus and strategy because they are not as rigid as larger traditional publishing companies. This is why this course is the most important in the entire Speedy Publishing Eco-System. With 50+ Strategies that you can use starting from Day 1 to boost royalties and make more from your books this lesson makes all the difference.

Here are the Lessons in this Course:

  • Kindle Singles
  • Kindle Associates
  • Kindle Emails
  • Operation Refresh
  • Amazon Global Eco-System
  • ISBN Marketing
  • More Money With Audible.Com
  • Foreign Language Markets
  • Paperback Profits
  • Vook Your Book
  • Copyright - Cease & Desist
  • Deep Discounts
  • Wholesale Vs. Agency Models
  • Making A True Best Seller
  • Using The Comets Tail
  • Content Mining
  • Book Contests & Discovery
  • Bigger Retailer Than Amazon
  • Bisac Codes
  • Leaving Money On The Table
  • Listmania Mastery
  • Wattpad Promotions
  • Facebook Ad Conversion
  • Lightning Source Savings
  • Enhanced Books Made Simple
  • Amazon FBA Zero Content
  • Platform Marketing
  • Choosing The Right Title
  • Search String Rankings
  • How To Obtain An LCCN
  • Kick Start Publishing
  • NY Times Best Seller Made Easy
  • Hierarchical Publishing
  • Copyright And Your Content
  • Zero Content Translated
  • Stacking Your Books
  • Tagging Strategy
  • Library Thing Giveaways
  • GoodReads Giveaways
  • Translating You Books
  • Creating Author Personas
  • How To Sell More To Libraries


  1. Using the correct BISAC Codes can mean the difference between mediocre sales and lots of sales. This lesson covers how to correctly find and USE Bisac Codes.
  2. Kick Start Publishing Strategy

    Learn some key strategies to Kickstart your publishing business. This lesson shows some key aspects of how to manage a self publishing business.
  3. Learn about copyright and your title. How can copyright affect your status with retail partners that you distribute your books with like Amazon kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook Press.
  4. This shrewd strategy will allow you to sell more print books on Amazon.Com. Use this method to push the ranking of your books in the platform and to improve the discoverability of your title.
  5. Learn how to use Good Reads to Giveaway your titles to help to get useful reviews of your titles and to build buzz about your newly published book.

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