Print Books Made Easy

Print Books Made Easy

Print Books Made Easy

Whether you're writing your first book or your 10th book really need to know about the power of print on demand most self-publishing authors actually tended to be nor print on demand and end up only publishing. E-books leading mainly on off dollars in royalties on table. What most people don't know is that e-books represent only 20% of the overall sales for publishing companies in the US. With just over 27 Billion in net revenue from 2.6 Billion units of book sales, print books accounted for more than 65% of this number.

In this course we cover exactly how self-publishers can leverage platforms such as speedy publishing distribution, create space and lightning source to create, distribute and market their existing.

What you will learn in this course:

  • Learn how to format your books using MS Word & Adobe Acrobat.
  • How to Publish To Create Space
  • How to Publish To Lightning Source
  • How to Create a Print Book from a Kindle Book
  • Get 30 Professionally Formatted Templates

* POD Webinar

How to keep Print on Demand Distribution Costs Down and how to succeed in POD.


  1. This lesson covers print on demand and print on demand distribution; learn exactly how both work and why it is critical for self publishers to use POD to sell more copies of their titles.

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