Pamphlet Creation

Pamphlet Creation

Pamphlet Creation

Print on demand has revolutionized the publishing world. It has allowed small to medium sized publishers to compete on equal footing with the much larger publishing firms. With over 27, 000 registered publishing companies in the US alone it was shocking when the American Association of Publishers revealed that the top 50 publishers earns over 56% of the revenue. Education and text book publications account for almost 30% of that as a single genre.

Pamphlets have always been overlooked by self-publishers as being too small to turn a profit. However pamphlets have the distinct advantage of being “in high demand” and “low cost” to create. We have been doing this for years and continue to make a small fortune by creating and publishing useful study guide pamphlets for students.

What You Will Learn In This Course:

  • How to Create Pamphlets Using Templates
  • Where and How To Publish Your Templates
  • How to Create Digital Pamphlets

This training has never before been revealed and only a few copies will be sold to ensure that this lucrative market remains a stable.


  • Over 30 Pamphlet Templates
  • Pamphlet Niche Report


  1. Digital Pamphlets have been a new method that self publishers have been using to drive sales and traffic. This lesson covers how to create your Digital Pamphlets.

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