Book App Monetization

Book App Monetization

Book App Monetization

One of the most unique features about a Book App is that it can provide a unique opportunity to earn additional revenue apart from just the initial sale price of the book. Using your book app you can build a reader base by giving away some of your content for free. This means that individuals that give away the book can read a few chapters of your book and then decide to purchase that book.

You can also give away the book and then use it as a way to capture the email of the reader. There are other ways to do this as well, especially if your book is a series. The possibilities are endless.

Learn how to Monetize your Book App and create another revenue stream or use it as a powerful marketing tool, learn how to advertise your books inside mobile Apps and dive both sales and traffic.

What You Will Learn In This Course

  • Using AdMob
  • Amazon In App Ads
  • Millenial Ads
  • Mob Partner
  • Direct Sales

Dive into this course right now.


  1. How to drive direct sales through your existing book apps. This lesson covers how to get sales directly to your own Paypal website.

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