How To Build A Facebook Author Platform

How To Build A Facebook Author Platform

How To Build A Facebook Author Platform

Your author platform makes all the difference between the success or failure of your title. The more readers or buyers connected to you, the more books are likely to sell.

As an author you have access to tools, services and systems that now give you more control and more opportunities than ever before. The problem is that many authors do not have the knowledge to fully take advantage of these same services.

Its a complete time suck to build a blog, tweet, go on blog tours, create newsletters, join in podcasts and make videos. The reality is that you want to be able to spend two hours using software that generates 10 times that amount as well.

The truth is authors just want to write.To get started use this training along with these practical tips and strategies on how to promote your books, build a reader community, trigger reader engagement and develop a powerful presence online.

These two lessons cover

  • How To Use The Ranking Link
  • How To Add More Revenue to Your Royalty Checks
  • How To Create A Facebook Page Dedicated To Your Work
  • Where To Find Readers On Facebook
  • How To Begin Driving Facebook Ads to your Page


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