Intense Marketing for Self Publishing

Intense Marketing for Self Publishing

Intense Marketing for Self Publishing

It is common place knowledge that activities that people engage in the summer often lead to a fall off in book sales. This could happen to you as a self publishing author, if you do not engage in intense marketing for your titles. Don't be fooled by what most "marketing gurus" say - "we can sell ice to Eskimos" the truth is Eskimos might be fooled once but won't be when the word gets out and they leave a bad review.

This should tell you that marketing does not start with, how many adverts you run or how many BookBub.Com launches you have, but it starts before you write a single word of the book, even before you think or craft your book title.

Intense Marketing walks you through the steps needed to keep your book sales buoyant all year round.

Lesson 1 - Self Publishing Marketing Rules (Now Available)

Lesson 2 - Metadata and Live Publishing (Now Available)

Lesson 3 - Paid & Free Promotions / When and How To Use Both (Now Available)

Lesson 4 - Tracking Your Sales and Keeping Sales Buoyant. (Now Available)

Watch this course and help to keep your sales where they should be.


  1. Learn the 6 most important Self Publishing Marketing Rules. If you don't abide by these rules it could leave your book with short lived sales and eventually being left in "book dust". Using these simple steps will ensure that your books see steady sales and allows you to update your titles year over year to ensure discoverability in any genre you publish in.
  2. Metadata is critical to success in publishing. However Metadata does not mean ONLY BISAC Codes, BIC Codes, ISBN, Description and Author Bio. Your Title and Sub Title are the most important parts of Metadata and combined is the most powerful part of the discoverability process and essential to consistent sales. However Titles and Sub-Titles should NOT be static. Learn more about the process of Intense Metadata.
  3. One of the most confusing times for authors is when to use paid and free promotions. The general idea that eludes most authors is when to actually use this, do you "promote into the rally when sales are good" or do you promote when sales fall off? DOWNLOAD the Intense Marketing Sheet and start driving sales almost immediately using these strategies.
  4. Tracking sales is extremely important, it confirms trends and allows you to determine when to move between free and paid and burn up free days to preserve ranking on retail channels. It also allows you to turn smaller revenues into a marketing budget to cue your books up for better sales stats in future months. Watch the live case study and see the results.

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