Enhanced eBook Creation

Enhanced eBook Creation

Enhanced eBook Creation

Enhanced eBooks offer slightly more features than a traditional eBook, including the option of adding narration. Basic animation, audio, video capabilities are available and many authors while understanding that eBooks with these enhancements might be very attractive to readers have struggled to take advantage of this opportunity.

The reason is that ONLY a handful of eBook Distribution services like Speedy Publishing are able to distribute these types of files to retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. While some contractors charge up to USD$2,000 to create an enhanced eBook this course will show you how to do this quickly easily and cheaply. The bottom line is that you do not need to pay a small ransom to equip your book with Audio and Video to help to drive new sales.

This course teaches you how to create enhanced eBooks using the technology we provide inside Speedy Publishing.

What you will learn and Get in This Course:

  • How To Create An Enhanced ePub 3.0

Learn how to make enhanced eBooks in a few minutes. Quick and Easy.


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