eBook Creation Guides

eBook Creation Guides

eBook Creation Guides

Publishing your e-book today can be a very difficult task. Most retailers only accept books in three specific formats ePub, Mobi and Web PDF. While there are many different types of software that exist which can format your existing book into any one of these file types it has become increasingly difficult to ensure that the navigation, image size and overall presentation of the e-book to the reader is a user-friendly. In this course you will learn how to use over 10 pre-formatted templates to create a great reader experience on any mobile device.

These lessons discuss a wide range of topics that will help you create a digital masterpiece.

What You Will Learn:

  • Types Of Digital Formats
  • How To Populate Your eBook Templates
  • How To Add Images & Links
  • How To Create An ePub, MOBI & Web PDF Document (Using Jutoh)

DOWNLOAD YOUR eBOOK TEMPLATES If You Are A Member Of Speedy Publishing!

Once you go through this course you will become a master at e-book creation, formatting and general design.


  1. Adding images and outbound links in your eBook can be very time consuming and difficult because of the rules based on each eBook retailer. To avoid issues with existing retailers this lesson covers the steps to take on how to add both links & images safely to your eBooks.
  2. There are 3 types of files that you must produce that will ensure that your eBooks get FULL Distribution to almost every existing eBook retailer. This lesson covers exactly how you create the eBook using our software of choice Jutoh, which is FREE with FULL Speedy Publishing membership.

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