Crossword Puzzle Mastery

Crossword Puzzle Mastery

Crossword Puzzle Mastery

Did you know the first book Simon & Schuster published, in 1924, was The Crossword Puzzle Book? Since then they have gone on to sell millions of copies in different variations of puzzle books, including word search puzzles and Sudoku puzzles.

We have been able to pick apart the crossword puzzle book industry and in this course will show you exactly how you can create puzzles in this genre that have made billions of dollars in royalties for big publishers and self-publishing authors as well.

Being able to generate, Grids, unique clues, a massive answer list and how to add more and more answers in a database that will ensure that your puzzles are unique and enjoyable.

Lesson 1 - Why You Should Publish a Crossword Puzzle Book.

Lesson 2 - How to Create A Crossword Puzzle Book in A Day.

Lesson 3 - How to Market Your Crossword Puzzle Book.

Join the Speedy Publishing Crossword and get Crossword Compiler Absolutely Free! 

Crossword Compiler is the premier software for crossword constructors, better known as cruciverbalists. Now self publishers can take this powerful software into their own content creating machine. Learn how to create Crosswords, Sudoku and Word search puzzles all within one software. Along with the software comes the Word lists, Clue Lists and Exclusive Training on how to create a Kindle Crossword Puzzle Book

This is the only network of this kind and you can ONLY access this through Speedy Publishing LLC.

Join The Network Now

Here is what you get with the Network:

  • English - Word List
  • German Word List
  • 10,000 Word Clue List
  • Crossword Compiler Software (Add Ons including)
  • Word Web Pro 8 Software
  • Additional Word Lists
  • Language Word Lists
  • Geographical Word Lists
  • Pro Grid Filler add-on
  • Oxford Dictionary of English (Digital)
  • New Oxford American Dictionary (Digital)
  • Shorter Oxford English Dictionary (Digital)
  • Chambers Dictionary (Digital)
  • Chambers Thesaurus (Digital)
  • Chambers Dictionary and Thesaurus Bundle (Digital)
  • Australian Oxford Dictionary (Digital)
  • Canadian Oxford Dictionary (Digital)
  • Kindle Crossword Puzzle Training Video


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