Content Acquisition

Content Acquisition

Content Acquisition

Most people today confuse self-publishing with being an author. The two are not necessarily the same. An author that chooses not to use traditional methods of publishing his or her own work and to go it on their own as a self-publisher. However an author that acquires content whether by partnerships or directly paying for that content, calls it his own – and publishes it on his own is also a self-publisher.

The truth is many successful authors use ghost writers that help to bring their imagination to life and this is no different from acquiring content for publishing on your own.

While most self-publishers can’t afford the most expensive ghost writers there are ways that you can acquire content while on a budget and still profit tremendously using these methods.

In this course we cover where you can acquire content that suits your budget, new and unique ways to compile that content and what you need to do in order to make the process be a profitable on. Content is the cornerstone of a successful publishing strategy.

What you will learn in this course:

  • Why Content Is King
  • Fiverr.Com
  • Text Broker.Com
  • iWriter.Com
  • Odesk And Elance.Com
  • Licensing Books
  • Content Profiling
  • Enhanced eBooks Profits
  • Dominate Germany
  • Zero Content Full Training
  • Branded Content
  • Publishing Without Inventory

Become a content acquisition master in your niche with this course.


  1. Learn some simple steps on why Content is king with respect to indie publishing. This video covers exactly why content is critical for self Publishing.
  2. Follow these simple steps to acquire content using the service called iWriter.Com. You can also have full eBooks written as well using this done for you service.
  3. Learn how to publishing in the German Market for a fraction of the cost you publish in the US Market for. This is simple and easy content to create and deliver and can be used for great book building strategies.

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