Digital Marketing Guide

Digital Marketing Guide

Digital Marketing Guide

Is it really that impossible to become a full time entrepreneurial author?

The truth NO it’s not that hard, BUT if you fail to plan – then you are almost guaranteed to fail.

If you have already published a book, or you are in the process of doing so and you want to learn exactly how can you maximize your books' Discoverability then this course is for you.

If you haven't yet been published, but hope to be in the future, now can you begin marketing your book yourself today in order to start driving sales from the first day your book goes live?

This lesson covers how to use Library Thing to drive more sales on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other retail channels. Next the lecturer covers how to market on Good Reads to ensure that your book is not lost in the 25 – 30 Million titles on the platform.

Two other strategies include using the Perma-Free strategy and Deep Discounts to drive sales of your titles. This is an essential course for Self-Publishing Authors that gives you the inside scoop on what you need to be thinking about if you're intent on succeeding as an author in the digital age.

Strategies You Will Learn In This Course

  • Concepts behind Book Promotion
  • Press Releases
  • GoodReads and Shelfari
  • Reviews Likes and Tags
  • Google AdWords and Amazon Ads
  • Using the Right Meta Data
  • Enhanced Metadata
  • Offline Marketing Strategies
  • Books in Print
  • Kids Explosion (Speedy Pub Report Lesson)
  • Kindle Dominance
  • Bowker ISBN Marketing
  • Selling 100 Books Monthly
  • Amazon FBA Extended Lesson
  • 10 Steps to Book Discovery
  • Discovery Revisited
  • Authors Push Marketing
  • Promoting Your Book on Apple
  • Social Media Matters
  • Top Social Marketing Tips
  • Global Book Markets
  • Promotion Mastery
  • Publisher Secrets Revealed
  • Ten Tips for Sure-fire Marketing
  • Spotting eBook Trends
  • Funding Your Book Business

Dive into this extensive Marketing and Training Program.


  1. Press releases are a very good way of notifying readers that your book is available and also builds useful links to your eCommerce web pages. Learn how to make this work for you.
  2. Reviews and Likes are two of the most important aspects of social proof that help to "close" a sale. It typically does not drive promotion but is critical to your marketing strategy.
  3. Driving traffic to your sales page is one big part of the equation in successful self publishing. While general marketing helps, targeted traffic is even more important and a critical to sustainable sales. Learn how this works.
  4. When marketing your book online and offline the metadata is the only cross over information that will affect both online and offline sales. It is essential you get this aspect of marketing correct.
  5. Enhanced Metadata means that other information is added to ordinary metadata to improve book discovery. One minor tweak can actually result in massive sales.
  6. Bowker © controls both the websites Books In Print & Book Wire. Both services provide Metadata for books that reach over 40,000 retailers both online and offline. Learn how to leverage this method.
  7. The amazon KDP Platform has changed the market for self publishing, growing the number of self publishing authors by 17% in 2014. Learn how to dominate the Kindle Publishing Platform.
  8. An ISBN number is possibly the most important piece of Metadata that a book must have. It represents the unique identifier which helps readers find the right book they are looking for.
  9. Is it possible to sell 100 copies of your title monthly? The answer is a resounding "YES". This lesson covers exactly how we do this daily for our own titles.
  10. You can sell your books on Amazon with different channels. Amazon FBA is one of the most profitable methods. This lesson covers how authors are using Fulfillment By Amazon to increase royalty checks.
  11. Discovery Revisited covers advanced strategies to drive traffic to your sales pages with your books. These will add an added marketing push to boost royalty checks.
  12. Authors must make the transition from writer to branded author in order to drive more sales. This lesson covers just how authors can help readers to discover them and their titles.
  13. Social media has become a staple now in book marketing. This is because social media has a multiplier effect. This lesson covers how you can leverage social media to drive more book sales.
  14. One primary way to increase royalty checks is by publishing globally. This means that you must first identify the global markets that are important to your titles. This lesson covers just how to make this work.
  15. Why are traditional publishers able to sell over 100,000 copies of one title and self publishers can't? The answer is simple - there are some strategies that are well guarded. This lesson covers some of the most important strategies.
  16. Crowd funding has become a popular to give stock holders a reason to promote your book by word of mouth. Learn about how to access funding for your book publishing business.
  17. Using Library Thing can allow authors to get reviews that help to give reluctant book buyers the social proof they need to complete a purchase and to take the chance on a book buy. It also creates fans of your work who may become buyers in the future.

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