Book Marketing Guides

Book Marketing Guides

Book Marketing Guides

Book Marketing, Promotion and Advertising might seem like the same thing but they are quite different. Book Marketing encompasses your pricing strategy, where you make your book available (distribution on retail channels and in different formats), your cover art and where you promote your books. Promotion involves things such as posting a link to your book on Facebook or tweeting out a link and is just a part of your marketing strategy.

It is important for every author to understand what Marketing Strategy is working for the niche you are writing in. So you must be able to efficiently research what promotion and advertising strategies to employ along with your marketing strategies.

In this course you will learn just how to create a Book Marketing Strategy that will involve effective pricing, cover design, distribution and promotion and sustained advertising.

If your book is already published there are strategies that you can employ that can increase royalties and improve sales. This method of repositioning your book for self-publishing success is crucial if your book is not selling well.

What You Will Learn In This Course:

  • Distribution, Monetization & Design
  • Getting Your Books Into Libraries
  • Profiting From Translations
  • Childrens Books 3X
  • Profit With Product Support Books
  • Profit With Fiction Books
  • Apple iBookStore Profits
  • Profiting With Kobo
  • Full Distribution
  • Creating Interactive Content
  • Picture ONLY Books
  • Pricing Strategy
  • LSI Training
  • Pamphlet Profits
  • Reference Books
  • Speedy Publishing Way
  • Dominating Apple iBookstore
  • Magzter Distribution

If you are serious about successfully self-publishing then you need to take this course.


  1. A great strategy that allows authors to create books that allow readers to derive useful information to compliment a product. Example and Ice Cream Recipe Book for an Ice Cream Maker. Learn more about this strategy.

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