App Start Up Essentials

App Start Up Essentials

App Start Up Essentials

Dedicated E-Readers, Mobile phones, Tablets, and even laptops are can all be used to access mobile apps. Mobile marketing is in fact one of the largest markets today and while there are 2 Billion Desktops worldwide there are 5 Billion Mobile Devices. As an author, you need to keep up with changing technologies

To get the process started you need to have some basic essentials you need to make the transition from Print to eBook to Mobile App.

You book app or author app is a way of establishing your brand and this course is the perfect guide on how and why to get this process going.

Don’t go off the deep end, create a Book App without understanding the fundamentals of the process and how you can make this work.

What You Will Learn In This Course

  • Essential Software & Tools
  • Open A Google Play Developer Account
  • Open An Amazon Developer Account
  • What Is An RSS Feed
  • How To Test Your App
  • Creating A Twitter App
  • Importance Of Screen Shots
  • Create A Stand Alone Website

Go ahead and get started with this course!


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