Audio Book Publishing

Audio Book Publishing

Audio Book Publishing

If you are serious about producing audio books that open up a new revenue source for you then, you can’t afford NOT to go through this course. There are hundreds of reasons you may want to create your own audio book, if you are the author of your own book and want a version that reflects your spoken word then we show you how in a week you could have your audio book book live on Amazon and Apple iTunes.

If your audio books aren’t live on iTunes, Audible and Amazon then sales are going to be non-existent. This course leaves no stone unturned.

What You Will Learn:

  • Where to Go To Produce Your Audio Book
  • How to Choose a Narrator
  • How to earn more Revenue from your Audio Books
  • Audio Book Niche Report

You are also going to learn  really cool trick to quadruple your revenue overnight!



  1. This lesson covers how to publish your book as an audio book using Amazon's ACX.Com service. This saves you time with a large number of professional narrators available for you to publish with.
  2. This walks you through the process of getting your book in a ready CD that can be sold on Amazon or other platforms as a physical product. This is perfect for authors that want to reach different types of retailers.

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