Audio Book Mastery on iTunes & Amazon.

Audio Book Mastery on iTunes & Amazon.

Audio Book Mastery on iTunes & Amazon.

In 2014 Audio Book Sales took in more than $1.47 billion in revenue, up 13.5% over 2013. Unit sales were also up 19.5%, nearly five times the increase of the overall book trade industry additionally, 1,032 more titles were published on audio than in the previous year -- bringing the number of audiobooks published in 2014 up to 25,787. The growth of the industry is largely due to the growing popularity of the digital download and increasing awareness and profile for the audiobook format. Sales of digital downloads continue to rise – showing an increase of 7.3% in dollars and a full 10% in units sold from the previous year.

If you want to get in on the action in a cost effective way then this course is Ideal for you to learn the strategies to publish Audio Books in 2015 and into 2016 as we expect the market to grow year over year.

Lesson 1 - Why Revenue Sharing Works Best With ACX.Com

Lesson 2 - The Best Audio Books to Publish on iTunes

Lesson 3 - How to Drive Traffic & Sales for Your Audio Books

Lesson 4 - Working With Your Narrator to Sell More Titles


  1. There are very few categories that do extremely well. In fact one category accounts for more than 87% of all audio book sales. This category has sub genres that are not competitive and can deliver very high royalties and book bounties through ACX.

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