Amazon App Creation

Amazon App Creation

Amazon App Creation

The Amazon App Store is taking the market by storm. Why not make your first Amazon Android Book app today!

Android has 40% of the market share on apps that means your Book app can spread like wildfire once you get it out there.

If you've ever wondered about making your own book app, NOW is your chance.

With this course you will watch over the shoulder training which will allow you to create your own Amazon App for your book.

Take advantage of Amazons free merchandising to improve book discovery. Amazon will provide merchandising for your book apps that are for the US, UK, Germany, France and Spain markets through strategic Amazon Appstore home page placements in each of these countries and consider your apps for advertising on Fire tablets.

In fact qualifying book apps that are live in the US Amazon Appstore will receive 300,000 free mobile ad impressions across the Amazon Mobile Ad Network.

No you don't need to know how to code. You don't even need to know HTML.

This is a real app, not some app slap on of some weird website.

Get Access to the Software that creates this Book App.

What’s included in this course

  • Creating An Amazon App
  • Adding Content To Your App
  • Adding A Stand Alone Website
  • Adding Audio To The App
  • Adding A Photo Gallery
  • Adding Videos To Your App
  • Adding an RSS Feed
  • Adding General Info
  • Adding Social Media To Your App
  • Adding Monetization
  • Building Your App
  • Testing Your App
  • Submitting Your App
  • Waiting For Approval
  • Promoting Your Amazon Apps

Take advantage of this awesome opportunity to create Book Apps


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