Advanced Print On Demand

Advanced Print On Demand

Advanced Print On Demand

What if you could publish your print book and be certain of between 5,000 to 10,000 unit sales on the year? How important would this be to you in planning long term in your publishing business? Well large publishers estimate between 20,000 - 30,000 unit sales per title when making modest projections. How can they be so confident that this will happen? The answer: they have a specific process which is made up of different strategies and marketing techniques which will almost guarantee that this will happen. You can now apply that VERY SAME process to your book using some of the most advanced - YET EASY TO FOLLOW strategies in this course.

We know this works because we do this now for almost - every title we publish. Some explode in royalties and some pull in modest numbers but still remain on par to do 10,000 units on the year.

Advanced Print On Demand walks you through step by step what large publishers do to make retailers promote their titles and drive sales almost on auto pilot. If you want to learn NEVER BEFORE taught strategies then this course is for you.

Lesson 1 - How to Publish Your Book Like a Big 5 Publishing House (Now Available)

Lesson 2 - How To Track Your Books Visibility Right In Amazon (Now Available)

Lesson 3 - Force Amazon to Discount Your Book By As Much As 50% and Get Hundreds of Verified Reviews (Now Available)

Lesson 4 - Implementing A Scalable System Of Marketing. (Available July 14)

Watch this course and help to keep your sales where they should be.


  1. In this lesson we cover the key publishing concepts that you need to learn to publish with certainty of sales. This also includes 4 CRITICAL strategies that you have probably never used that are essential to sustainable and steady sales. Using these simple strategies you are going to ensure discovery and sales.
  2. To do this you are going to need a specific type of Amazon account, the strategy allows you to even spy on competing books and more importantly see which books to align yourself with in order to see just how you need to tweak your overall marketing strategy. This is essential part of the strategy.
  3. This lesson is the most important process that we call the Amazon Wild Factor. It goes through the simple process that you need to follow that will drive reviews, sales, ranking and so much more. This concept is so simple but is the most important strategy that you will need if you want to be successful publishing print books.
  4. If you intend to be successful in print publishing, you need a system or process that is completely scalable. You need to be able to add books easily at any stage of the process - not just at the beginning as some titles wont require the entire marketing process to be lent to drive sales. This is critical lesson for all self publishers.

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