2015 Authors Guide

2015 Authors Guide

2015 Authors Guide

2015 is a make or break year for self-publishing authors. This course includes a one hour lesson that outline the ten most important things that Self-Publishing Authors MUST do in 2015 to be successful.

We cover distribution, niche selection, book formatting that will give you the foundation you need for the next year to start publishing and guaranteeing profits this year.

This is a MUST WATCH course for all self-publishers.

What You Will Learn On This Course:

  • Time Sensitivity Strategies
  • Expandable Niches (Stacking)
  • Pamphlets (Less = More Strategy)
  • Paperback Publishing (Utility Books)
  • Audience Building & Author Platforms
  • Audio Books
  • Mass Distribution
  • Ecommerce for your own Books
  • Short Term Strategies (Bundling, Fremiums, etc.)
  • Amazon Marketing – Key Concepts

Get 2015 off to a flying start!


  1. There are ten things that all self publishing authors can do in 2015 to ensure success. We cover these strategies in detail that will ensure that you get the most out of your time and efforts.

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