Author Tools

Speedy Publishing provides robust and important tools that help members succeed with self publishing. This comes in the form of both software, templates and affiliations that help you to grow your business and virtually guarantee success. Here is a list of the Tools and services that Speedy Publishing Offers To All its Valued Members.

Software: * Free with Yearly Subscription

eBook Niche Explorer: Non Fiction and Fiction Amazon Kindle niche researching software.

Jutoh Publishing Software: A revolutionary software that creates EPUBs, MOBI Files, Smashword Files, Enhanced eBooks, Audio eBooks and so much more.

Templates: * Free with Any Subscription Level

25+ Ready Made templates for eBook Creation, Create Space and Lightning Source Creation, along with easy to follow training videos.

25+ Zero Content Book Templates to start the ball rolling.

* You can upgrade to a Yearly Subscription and Get Over 100+ Templates

Niche Reports: Free with Any Subscription Level

Three (3) awesome niche reports for self publishing authors, the best content and genres to publish in for both fiction and non-fiction publishers.

  • Non-Fiction Niche Reports (Monthly)
  • Fiction Niche Reports (Monthly)
  • Zero Content Niche Report
  • Pamphlet Niche Report

Discounted Partnerships: Free with Any Subscription Level

Andromo.Com - 50% Discount OFF

PRBuZZ Press Releases - FREE

PR Newswire Toolkit Distribution - 75% Off

One Hour Translation - Preferred Customer Support

How Does Speedy Publishing Help
We focus on all two aspects. First our training website provides you with access to over one hundred and twenty plus hours of training on how to create your content so that you see solid sales, within days of publishing and distribution.

Setting You Up For Mainstream
As an author it is important to build a following, a fan base, readers that love your work and stay connected. Speedy Publishing builds the basis for this by putting your content in front of eager fans that want to read work in the very genre you write in. This is an invaluable service that you need to create your own following and become a renowned author.

Speedy Publishing is the only aggregator in the market that does this and you want to learn exactly how it works to put your best foot forward in your quest to become a real author.

Facebook Closed Group - Join As A Member
As a self-publisher you might have burning issues that you need to have answered immediately, you might also require some like-minded assistance for a project – or you want to collaborate with another author. This is why we have one of the largest Facebook Closed Groups only for members. There is no selling, product reviews and other marketing to get you distracted. This close knit group focuses on honest reviews, assistance in publishing and other key aspects of self-publishing. A community does not exist only for reviews – it should help to support and guide authors, copywriters and self-publishers that will require help from time to time.