Author Platform Creation

facebookCreating an author platform will almost guarantee your success as a self publisher. It means that you have created your own army of readers, buyers, reviewers and affiliates that will help to promote your book, not just when launched but throughout the life of the publication.  This is an essential part of the puzzle.

Speedy Publishing helps its members by creating an author platform using social media to drive sign ups. We focus on 3 social media platforms and use two web based tools to leverage these platforms.

Your Author Website: We register a domain name of your choice. We build a website using a pre-designed WordPress theme perfect for authors who want to promote their books.  We add your affiliate link for retail channels for you book to be sold. We create a Subscription Form allowing readers to subscribe to your mailing list for a giveaway of a preview version of your latest book. Your social media platforms will be linked to your website to encourage further engagement.

fb1Facebook: We design a professional Facebook Page with graphics and social plugins designed to attract readers to your Facebook page, guaranteeing likes, interaction and engagement and most importantly subscriptions.

Twitter: We design a professional Twitter Page with graphics designed to inform and entertain your readers on latest developments with you (the author) and more importantly with your literary work.

Aweber Mailing List: Integration of Aweber the best autoresponder service on the web today. Using this service you will be able to segment your readers and promote your titles more effectively. This service is integrated on all social media and web assets that exist in your author platform.

LeadPages.Net: Using lead pages we create a unique version of a lead capture page that funnels directly into your Aweber Account. These pages are proven high converting assets that will help to build a targeted mailing list that is essential to the success of your author platform.

HootSuite: Using Hootsuite Technology we schedule 30 Days of engaging posts to your Facebook Page and Twitter Accounts. This will ensure that you are engaging hungry readers with new content daily. This is a critical component for high user and fan base engagement. You can add other posts easily to this process by logging into your created Hootsuite Account.

Facebook Ads Campaign: Every Facebook Page needs fans and to do this you need to advertise to readers that are already reading work from other authors publishing in your genre. We will design and create a Facebook Ad Campaign that fits your budget and gets the most readers possible coming to your Fan Page.

 Plus much more ... See exactly what you get in the package:

In The Author Platform Package:

  • Author Website Creation
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Twitter Page
  • Aweber Account Set Up (3 Months Free)
  • Lead Pages Account Set Up (1 Month Free)
  • Hootsuite Account Set Up (3 Months Free)
  • One on One Consultation (30 Minutes)
  • Free Book Trailer (One Free 90 Second Book Trailer)

This is the most powerful marketing package that authors have at their disposal which is turnkey author marketing and promotion at its best.



Every writer, author and self publisher absolutely needs an Author Platform. However this is not the same type of author platform that most writers who have been in the game for over a decade are used to. The Author Platform as we know it has gone through 3 cycles over the last half century that has made much of what was done in the past seem obsolete. However what most authors don't understand is that the "core concepts" have never been more fundamental.

Lets look on the first concept:

Find A Community. This is is true now as it was true in the 1950's. You need to find people that "WANT" to read what you have written. Example if you write Paranormal Thrillers (Demon Possessions, Headless Horsemen etc.) then possibly the last place you would try to sell your book to is a congregation at most churches.  This would not be the ideal community for you to "peddle your wares". Possible a Book Club or easily recognizable Group would be an apt place to start.

An Audience in A Community. Not everyone is going to want to read your book in the community that you find. Some readers might hate female writers in the genre, others might find it refreshing while others "read an excerpt of your latest work" and said Its Not For Me!. But others will absolutely fall in love with your writing and are like zombies waiting around for your next book. These represent your audience and you must quickly identify them and begin engaging them.

Buyers in Your Audience. Unfortunately not everyone in your audience will become a buyer. It is rare that we find millions of fans of any one author buying his or her books. Example - Some are quite complacent waiting on the free version to be released or are quite comfortable reading just the early chapters. In order to be successful you must engage your audience to identify buyers and engage these members even more. An example is using a coupon code for a product you like or endorse to give to early readers. So lets say you wrote a book on juicing, get a coupon code on a specific Juicer and for everyone that sends in their receipt for purchase you send them the coupon code. That offers rewards to buyers. Simultaneously you must continue to engage directly those readers that already bought your book.

The Speedy Author Platform will help you to use both OLD and NEW methods of proofing these concepts in your self publishing business.