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Andromo makes it fast and easy to create Android Book apps, with absolutely no programming required. The great thing about it is that you can re-purpose the books that you already have. You already have a great book app in you – Andromo helps you unleash it. Watch the short 2 Minute Video To See How Easy It Is!

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You control the appearance and style.

There's nothing cookie-cutter about a book app made with Andromo. You control the appearance of your book app and give it your signature style. You configure the look of the dashboard and dropdowns. You choose the colors, and upload your own icons and images. Your book app’s unique look is all up to you.

How Easy Is It To Create A Mobile Book App?

The answer is SUPER EASY! You can have your first Book App up in minutes. But while Andromo is a web software that is almost uniquely tailored for self publishers to create their book Apps, you still need several key elements to go along with that.

Speedy Publishing Provides Expert Training Tools and Resources To Go Along With Your Andromo Membership:

  • 50% Discount On Yearly Membership
  • Discounts On Graphics Needed To Publish Your Book App
  • Best Practices On How To Publish Your App
  • Monetization Strategies For Your Book App
  • How To Add Games To Your Book App
  • How To Promote Your Book App
  • A Complete Guide On Adding Media Elements Such as Audio & Video
  • How To Add PayPal to collect In App Payments (Direct to Consumer Set Up)
  • Adding An eMail Capture Elements To Build An Author Platform
  • How To Add Your App To Google Play
  • How To Add Your App To the Amazon AppStore
  • How To Promote Your App Using AdMob from Google

There has never been a better reason to create a Book App to improve your royalties. This is an essential way to improve your sales and royalty checks.

We can't stress enough the importance of creating a Book App. Lets cover a few essentials.

Book apps create a sensory, interactive and exciting reading experience; the reason is that Book Apps bring the reader into the narrative speech or text and depending on the design you can use both speech and text. A book App should be created in the same way that any ordinary book is - meaning you should have good quality content, images where necessary and it should be professionally edited and tested on devices.

If you are a Children's Book Author - you could be leaving a big part of your revenue on the table. Apps are perfect for childrens books, in fact the best selling Apps in Books on the Apple iApp Store is 86% children’s story and interactive books. This is a combination of both pictures, narration and text. Singalongs are also a big attraction for these books and with Andromo you will be able to add Audio Files.

Book Apps are NOT dedicated to Kids Books but actually sell well  in a wide range of genres, this includes poetry, graphic novels, everyday comics, manga and a wide range of other categories.

Once you have built your App your work has really just began. Publishing the books to the App Stores to ensure maximum distribution will not only imp[rove discoverability but provides a good basis to interact with readers on different mediums to sensitize them to your brand and make your job much easier when you intend to publish more content.

Publishing, marketing, promotion, discoverability, consistency, brand and everything else essential to SALES for a book is as essential if not more for Book Apps. Never ever worry about reviews, if your content is good and your are marketing - reviews will follow. The truth is reviews will do what they are supposed to, NEVER try to fake that social credibility. A person might feel duped and leave a really scathing negative review which hurt you more than you know.

Why We Love Andromo

In 2007 when eBooks became a feature - their were two main types of deliverable files, EPUB and MOBI. Of course the PDF file was always around, but these two files provides a better reading experience on mobile devices. However now there is EPUB3, KF8, Web Optimized PDFs etc. This is the same for Book Apps, building your App does not mean that you wont have to change with the times. Whats great about Andromo and Speedy Training is that we provide updated lessons to reflect changes. So you can have your Book App updated and available on every platform despite any new updates.

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