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Publishers and authors use the term enhanced ebooks very loosely at times because they do not fully understand the term “enhanced” to describe eBooks that include simple things such as an index as an enhancement. Media features like video and audio media, interactivity, narration, and more will make a book be correctly classified as an enhanced eBook.

There are very few eReaders that support the reading of enhanced files, this includes Amazon.Com, Barnes and Noble, Apple’s iBooks and a few others. Apples iBooks undoubtedly has the best support for the media enhancements added to eBooks and if you are interested in creating your very own enhanced eBook we can help. All required is the video and audio files.

Please note that you should limit enhancement to protect file size and integrity. If you have very large files compress them before submitting them to us. A large file is typically considered anything above 10MB in the eBook industry.

Lets take your plain jane eBook into another dimension.

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