24 Hr Cover Designs

90% of authors just can't seem to figure out why their books aren't selling as much as they could be OR worse not selling at all!

They drive tons of traffic to their book pages but this still results in mediocre sales. Even the best authors and publishers don't even know that they have this problem.

Book Discovery DOES NOT MEAN Sales Conversions!

One major problem that authors have is despite the dozens of visitors to their book pages, only a few readers end up buying! Poor conversions! What's even worse their paperback book sits on a shelf in a book store because no one wants to look on the ugly duckling cover art. They aren't even able to give away a copy of the book for free! - This could be happening to you!

The problem is the perception of inferiority! - Your covers are just not as good as the competition!
People can't read your book through the cover, they have to like the cover art before the question of buying your book pops in their head. What's causing the problem?

Your book covers could be

A) depicting ONLY one of the two: genre OR title and not both

B) using low DPI images

C) using common fonts like Times New Roman... and the list goes on and on.

You could be leaking sales opportunities like a broken faucet and not even know it! - Your covers should help to convert not chase away potential buyers!

What if my book is already published? It's NOT TOO LATE!

If your book is already published then it's even better! Potential readers could be visiting your book page right now and with a brand new brilliantly designed cover in 24Hrs or less you could see an immediate bump in sales.

I had to learn the hard way by researching, implementing, testing, re-testing and then re-testing AGAIN to discover the best cover art that would boost my sales! And after months I was able to figure out what covers, colors, styles and fonts converted the best.

I hired on three FULL TIME Grade A cover art designers that previously worked with a few of the BIG FIVE PUBLISHERS and put them to work for me.

Fiverr Makes Your Covers Go Kaput!

You get what you pay for! That`s right, paying $5.00 for cover art will send the message that your book is inferior and leave you at the back of the line, as other books by big publishers crush you.

Why? - Low DPI images, Poor Color Coordination, Lack of expertise, such as what colors improve sales for specific book categories and other proprietary knowledge Fiverr guys just don't have!

Don't shoot yourself in the FOOT! Instead...
It's Time To Kick The Anemic Sales Syndrome

It's time to kick the Anemic Sales Syndrome with some Kick A.S.S covers that will have your conversions going through the roof! - Here are just a few examples of some of the digital book covers created by 24 Hr Covers Designs

A Cover Is Worth 1,000 Sales!
Let me be clear, it's not just eBooks that are suffering, paperback books and audio books are feeling the pinch of the syndrome. You need to make sure that your paperback books are even HIGHER in quality than your eBooks - here's another example of a great paperback cover! - NOTICE how the images and colors depict genre and book category - These covers are winners!


Today we are going kick some A.S.S. with 24 Hour Cover Designs!

Let our designers blow you away with unique cover designs created just for you!

Here is what you get in each 24 HR Covers Package!

  • High Quality Customized Covers
  • eBook Covers Compatible with Kindle, Apple, Kobo etc.
  • A Print Cover for CreateSpace & Lightning Source with Custom Back Cover
  • A Customized High Quality Audio Book Cover
  • PSD File Formats
  • 24 Hours Turnaround Time Or Your Money back

Thats right 24 Hours OR YOUR COVER IS FREE

We guarantee satisfaction with every order!